Motorcycled snapshots

The world is constantly in flux. Constantly changing. And perhaps that’s partly why I enjoy riding on motorcycles (on the back, I’m not that badass yet) because you get to view the world in these split second snapshots where one moment you’re in it, and the next you’re not, because you’re on to a new scene, a new expression, a new landscape. And to fill the void of the lack of motorcycle taxis in Nairobi, whenever I would leave the Big City I would make an exerted effort to use public tansit in the form of fuelled two-wheelers.

When I went to Arusha, Tanzania for a hashing weekend in early May I was almost as excited about reuniting with the moto as I was about the hash to a beautiful waterfall. But alas, the last day arrived, and I had not ridden on the back of my trasit of choice because there really was no need. Oh well, at least it was a fun weekend. But wait! In true hash fashion, at the 11am departure time there was only one person at the bus… after floating around for 1/2 an hour and no more people showing up, I ensured the bus wouldn’t leave without me, and commissioned a moto driver to take me on a tour of the city.

Destination: Mt. Meru – or a view of Mt. Meru as the driver said it would take to long to drive to the mountain. So he drove, and I held on to the back handle and took photos.

As the clock ticked to after 12, I began to get nervous about the time. I mean this was an hour after scheduled departure time. So we headed back to the hotel where all the hashers we’re being picked up from. I really needn’t have worried. We didn’t depart until shortly after 2:30pm.

Passenger Picture Taking 


2 thoughts on “Motorcycled snapshots

  1. Good to have another blog for my Wanda folder. Had a motorcycle for a few years. Used to drive to O’Connor on it. Such a special feeling being one witht the machine, especially as you simply shifted your weight and headed around a bend. Wonderful feeling.

    How was your time with the remarkable Chouchou?

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