Radio show text-in winner, aka yours truly

I was a winner on a radio show!

My colleague came rushing into the office the other morning and told me to text some celebrity name to a radio station. To be honest, I cannot recall the name of the celebrity, and I couldn’t recall the name five minutes after I sent the text, because, I am, well me. Anyways, point is that I was the winner of whatever competition my friend knew was happening and they said, “Congratulations, Wanda, you’ve won!” Oh, I was so excited! And have the greatest friend ever for telling me to send the text!

The prize:

Dinner for 2 at Tratorria, an Italian restaurant in the CBD (central business district).

Trattoria is a well-known Italian restaurant. However,  it tends to be on the pretentious side, and a couple different people have told me instances where they were refused service or a table of choice due to dress code or wanting to order an app only, and not a main course. Needless to say, I had no intention of frequenting the establishment. But then, I won two free five course dinners and all my pre-convictions went on a culinary vacation in Lazio, the city whose food was being featured on the night dinner was served.

So the saint of a woman who enabled me to be a radio text-in winner, my roommate Sam, and myself went out to enjoy our free grub. Our five dishes (x2) of Italian feasting.

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