Moments in time

I’m coming close to the end of my contract in Nairobi. I can’t help but recognize how this city has grown on me in ways I didn’t know it would and once again, marvel at the speed of time, how slowly it moves in a minute, and how quickly it passes in a year.

Finishing up one element of this year away and I start browsing through my photos, neatly organized by date on my computer. I skip (at some points plod) down memory lane, viewing the instances that have enriched and challenged me captured through my lens, and realize much I have not shared here! So as my mind jumps from one photo in my mind to the next, let me pull them up from my computer and create some new posts.

Allow me to take a moment to look at moments.

In this moment, I am falling while trying to climb some rocks in Hell's Gate National Park. Good times.


2 thoughts on “Moments in time

  1. Oh Wanda.. I can’t stop laughing at that photo…sorry I know its mean but I just can’t. I’m remembering the time you got lost on your run in the winter…or when you fell running up to the DJ booth at ollies…love youuu

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