Lake Victoria in its early morning glory

As our wooden boat approached the hippos my hands went clammy around my camera and a dull ache crept into my stomach. I couldn’t help it. I’m really, really scared of hippos. They are fantastic creatures and I admire them and I respect them, but I have absolutely no desire to be up close and personal. Except that it is thrilling and remarkable to see such a beast up close and personal. Hence the sweaty palms and stomach ache.

On the lake before the sun.

On our second morning in Kisumu we were talking a sunrise boat tour around Lake Victoria. The morning sun reflected off the still lake, shinning on fishermen making the day’s catch.


The main event of the boat ride eclipsed in spotting four or five hippos in the water, hard to tell as they kept popping in and out, showing a snout here, an ear there. Note why I find them so scary! You have no idea how big they are or how many are under the surface looking to play let’s-flip-the-boat-because-i-don’t-want-to-share-my-water.


Am I a hungry, hungry hippo? Do you really want to stay and find out?

Thankfully there was no flippage. And I mean, they’re kind of cute in photos, don’t you think?

One thought on “Lake Victoria in its early morning glory

  1. Have to be honest, Wanda, and tell you that the word “cute” would NEVER enter my mind in looking at a picture of a hippo. Or they that much more charmiing up close? Your combination of being scared and fascinated seems totally appropriate. Phil

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