Encounter with Wild Dolphins

I forgot myself in the blues and greens

Was swept away with the wind directing the waves

Carrying me smoothly through the choppy water

I saw the sleek grey break the surface

Then dive under again

So swift I questioned whether it wasn’t another wave

I saw the sun break through the grey morning

The dolphin’s skin reflected the morning light

Reflecting a moment of grace

Caught between my feet firmly planted on the 12ft by 4ft boat

And the open waters of the Indian Ocean spanning as far as the eye can see

I felt connected

 I, on my little piece of floorboard

And she, in her sea

I went in.

When she swam below me

With her child by her side

I caught my breath

Even though I was already holding it

And watched



By the moment

The movement below

The weightless motion

The mother and her child

The dolphin chatter echoing through the salt water

How they glided through the hues

And were gone

Gave me that gift, and politely took their leave.


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