The Three Poles

“A journey to the three of the coldest, furthest, remotest, and most hostile spots on Planet Earth.” – Satyabrata Dam

I climbed Mount Everest and skied to both the South Pole and the North Pole.

And I travelled to all three one evening last week.

Satyabrata Dam photography


Satyabrata Dam - Photo from TED fellow profile

Satyabrata Dam took a full auditorium at the National Museum of Kenya up to the summit of Everest and across the snow-covered plains of the polar regions of the world through an engaging talk and power-point presentation. The presentation was organized by the Mountain Club of Kenya. It was thrilling to hear him speak about his adventures and share photographs 0f extreme mountaineering and exploring the globe.

On his website, Dam lists his expeditions over the past 35 years:

  • Climbed the highest peaks of all the 7 continents including Mt Everest (seven summits)
  • Skied to the North and South Poles
  • Climbed the second highest peaks of 5 continents
  • Climbed more than 350 peaks worldwide
  • Walked the length of Africa from Tunisia to South Africa
  • Traversed the ancient Silk Route from Mongolia to Istanbul
  • Skied across the Greenland ice cap
  • Visited 134 countries and climbing to the highest spot of nearly all

Dam was in Kenya for two months working on an environmental project dealing with global warming, climate change, wildlife and sustainability initiatives. He blogged about his experience here, and you can get a feel for the purpose of his trip through his prologue post.

After exhausting the room by leading us on these three dangerous and exhilarating adventures, Dam invited the audience to ask questions. People asked about how to go on trips, advice for following your dreams, what Dam wants to do next (go the moon), but, it was the final question that took the crowd by surprise. It came from a child under the age of 10.

“Don’t you get bored?” the kid asked. (The crowd erupted in laughter.)

Dam smiled. “Let me ask you a question,” he said. “Why would I get bored?”

“Because you’re doing the same thing all the time,” the kid replied. “Every day you walk and look at snow and it doesn’t change.”

“Do you eat breakfast every day?” Dam asked.


“Do you get bored?”


Photo from TED fellow profile


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