A Haven for Elephants and Rhinos (and my heart!)

Within a month of being in Nairobi I went to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: A Haven for Elephants and Rhinos. Located just outside Nairobi, the trust fosters orphaned elephants and rhinos, providing the nurture and care they need to grow into strong, independent adults.

Become a temporary parent! Foster an ellie!


42 thoughts on “A Haven for Elephants and Rhinos (and my heart!)

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  2. Oh, beautiful
    and a sight for sore eyes
    for someone that has been signing
    and signing
    trying to fight
    The Ringling Brothers Circus
    and their abuse of elephants

  3. Reminded me of the movie Hatari (you are too young — movie with John Wayne about a baby elephant in Africa) — made me want to hum the Baby Elephant Walk (a song from the movie — again you are too young) – but you would LOVE it since it is about Africa! Congras on being Freshly Pressed!

  4. I stumbled upon this website on wordpress and i have to say ; Great Job, with documenting your life in Kenya. I am from Kenya and now living in U.S. and i have become terribly home sick looking at all the pictures of Nairobi, animals etc. Great job !

  5. Wow, how cool. I’d love to visit there. I adore elephants. Rhinos not as much, but I’ll bet if I saw them in person I’d have a greater appreciation for them. Great pics. Were you allowed to touch the elephants? Were the babies friendly?

  6. How sweet! Your photos are fabulous. The color is great! I wonder, how old are these babies, and how long will they stay in this environment before they are released into their own?

    • The profiles of the different orphans, along with info on what happens to them after and how they integrate back into the wild is found here on the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website. The transition can take 8-10 years and is done as the pace of the elephant, but eventually the orphaned elephants make a new home in the Tsavo National Park.

      • Thank you for that info. I went to the link and read about the orphaned elephants and it was very interesting. I never realized how emotional elephants can be and how close to humans they are. Or how much they bond with the Keeper who is helping to raise them and can remember them for life and recognize them years later! What wonderful creatures!

  7. Lucky you! I just learned of this place a month ago. I hope to be able to visit Africa one day and see an elephant in its natural habitat. I have plans to foster one there and also contribute to an organization started by photographer Nick Brandt (www.nickbrandt.com). These have been my favorite animals since childhood though I’m not sure why. Until I manage to get over there I suppose I will have to come read your blog to live vicariously through you:).

  8. I love elephants! They are such wonderful animals, and are so smart. I have been lucky enough to ride an elephant twice in my life. One time in Thailand, I saw a man walking his pet elephant down the street. So adorable!

    ❤ Milieu

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