The Challenge: From flakey jogger to year-round runner

I completed the Nairobi half marathon on October 31, 2010. I haven’t really done a whole lot of running since then. Although I have my excuses reasons (1. I was disheartened when my chip malfunctioned and I didn’t know my proper time. 2. Training increased my fear of being hit by a matatu, which suddenly seemed very possible. 3. I was tired of running. 4. I started sleeping in when I stopped running.), they are not super legit and I do actually miss striding along some pavement.

I’ve always been a haphazard runner. Elementary and high school cross-country gave me the running bug, but only for a few months at a time during the season. In university I would run once a week for a few months one month, and then retire my sneakers to their dutiful zone in my closest. Post-uni, I ran when I was in a “running mood.” The only time I have consistently trained is when I had the goal of a half-marathon, aka May 2010 and October 2010. Upon much reflection, I decided I needed a purpose for my running in order to maintain it. Thus, I am abandoning my random running spurts, relinquishing my flakey runner status, and am endeavoring to be an around-the-year runner. A real live person who runs consistently because that’s, like, their sport. My sport.

But how? The running equation:




And if I go on long runs I get to run less days as I only need to fulfill the monthly kilometer requirement. Yah! (Is this foreshadowing what’s to come as I’m already trying to find ways to run less?)

I realize this challenge means incorporating running while I’m travelling when my placement finishes (ahh… sureeee) and also running in the winter when I’m back in Canada (ahh…. what?!) but I’ll cross those pedestrian walks when I come to them.

It’s half way through January and I’ve gone on one run for 6km… so 94km left in this month. Wish me luck!

*I realize there are 52 weeks in the year. 25km(52)=1,300km. So I will run an extra 100m at some point. If that’s my greatest problem at the end of December 2011, then maybe I’ll train for a marathon. Maybe…


5 thoughts on “The Challenge: From flakey jogger to year-round runner

  1. Wands! I love this goal of yours – my work actually has us do goals for the year, which are obviously 99% goals that we want to accomplish at work and with the animals but there are a couple slots that we have to put in that are ‘personal’ goals. So naturally I wrote ‘exercise regularly’ without really thinking too much about it.. then when I went to review my goals with the manager she was like, “All right now you’re going to have to track this and send me regular updates on how often you’re exercising and what types of activities you’re doing.”

    Bah! That means I might actually be getting back into the swing of things too!

  2. Hey Wanda
    It was nice reading your thoughts.
    Happy running!

    Aftab Iqbal
    Manager Communication
    Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan)
    Level Nine, Serena Business Complex
    Khayaban – e – Suhrawardy
    Opposite Convention Centre
    Islamabad, Pakistan.
    Tel: 051-111-253-254
    Fax: 051- 2072552

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