Last evening I came home to a belated Christmas package! The box was rather large, and was the sort of box one would hide a puppy in for a present. Now, because I didn’t hear any barking and because of the unlikeliness that someone sent me a dog in a box from Canada I didn’t think it was actually a puppy. But guess what? It was bear!

A Build-A-Bear to be precise. His birth certificate says his name is Benton “Wemp” Fraser and he’s part of the Royal Canadian Mountie Police. (I wonder if he’s arrival was so delayed because he had visa problems.)

The Build-A-Bear named Shika, who is a safari adventurer, already lives with me as my friends gave him to me on my departure to Kenya.

Thus, being a mature and polite twenty-something, I felt introductions were in order. And over the course of the conversation my laughing roommate brought out the camera to capture this¬†monumental beginning to a lasting friendship. To find out what took place visit Sam’s blog.


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