Away in a… Nairobi Christmas

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are over I felt it appropriate timing to post my Christmas happenings. (2011 resolution: write down things as they happen to me. Ah, Procrastination, we’ve such a strong relationship.) It was a “first” Christmas as I’ve always celebrated with my family in Canada. All in all, I think I held out pretty well due to bringing some of my Toronto Christmas traditions to Nairobi. Mostly, my excitement over the Christmas season was drawn from the kitchen.

Little mounds of buttery delight!

Specifically, my roommate Sam baking melt-in-your-mouth short bread cookies.

Grandma's tried and true raisin cake




And myself baking my Grandma’s (shout outs Big G!) raisin cake.



And then the Polish in me was not to be denied! We must have home-made barszcz (beet soup) as such:

Benefits of non-veggie lifestyle... a strong based beef broth soup.

Dough circles just waiting to be pinched together.

And home-made pierogis. Fully worth the five hours it took me to make them.

Potato, ricotta cheese, onion, oh my!




A little improvising went a long way with the filling: Typically, my family has potato and cottage cheese. But, the cottage cheese a la Nakumatt (the Superstore African rival) was very runny and not the consistency one wishes for pierogi filling. So I called my mom from the shopping centre in Nairobi and luckily she was at home in Toronto and informed me ricotta cheese worked fine as a substitute. Add a little sauteed onions to that mix and you’re in pierogi heaven.

Note to self: Ensure pierogi are not touching to reduce breakups.

After rolling, cutting, scooping, folding, pinching and pricking I made my first pierogi. And I continued to make over 70 more. Unfortunately not all 70 made it to the table. Next time I won’t lie them on top of each other so the poor pierogi stick together and some of their brothers and sisters have to go in the bin rather than the pot because their filling falls out.

The other fellows and I proceeded to almalganat our Christmas traditions for a most deliful feast.

Merry Christmas meal!

We finished with Velvet Chocolate cake for dessert. Potentially best chocolate cake in Nairobi or the world. From the picture below, you can see I decided not to eat mine.

Who ate my cake?

Merry Christmas to one and all! And all and one a good night!


5 thoughts on “Away in a… Nairobi Christmas

    • Velvet Chocolate cake is available at a stand in Westgate Mall… I think they’re starting to open other little stores as well, but you can definitely find them there! If my memory serves correct, the stand is located on the second floor right by the escalator. Enjoy!

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