December in Diani

How to beat the Canadian cold? Well, seeing as I’m in Kenya, decided it was time to take advantage of the climate and headed to the coast for the weekend. Having visited Mombasa once previously as part of a whirlwind orientation tour, I did not have the pleasure of experiencing the Indian Ocean. Using Marg’s visit as the excuse, we packed weekend backpacks and took an overnight bus with Coast bus services. Leaving at 9:30pm we arrived in Mombasa at 5:45am… tired, stiff, and beginning to feel the heat of the oncoming day.

Happy to be in a tuk-tuk and not in a bus.

After riding around pointlessly in a tuk-tuk and walking around aimlessly we managed to find a place serving breakfast at 7am – thank you The Lotus Hotel!

My face was frozen in a plastered smile, trying to be cheery on bus-ride sleep. It became a real live smile when I saw the ocean.

Fueled by an omelet, toast, passion fruit juice and several cups of coffee we ventured into the morning and visited Fort Jesus as early-bird tourists.

Marg and I delighted tourists in the early-morning Mombasa sun.

Nearing 9am, Marg and I hail another tuk-tuk and head to the ferry to enjoy the weekend in Mombasa’s South Coast – Karibu Diani!

Taking the ferry connecting mainland Mombasa to Diani

Sun, sand, ocean, and camels!


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