Meet Tony

Tony - Arusha Artist

I met Tony prior to boarding the bus in Arusha, Tanzania to return to Nairobi. I spent the weekend in Arusha, visiting an orphanage (my friend, Erin, is volunteering there through the organization BaseCamp), shopping at the Usedy Clothesdy market, visiting Shanga (a craft business which employs people with disabilities), training for my half-marathon, and watching a witness testimony in a trial for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

At the end of my three-day stay, I was admiring the jacaranda trees, stretching my legs before the six hour bus ride. Tony was also on the street, and we got to chatting.

He grew up in Arusha, and lives close to Mt. Meru. He’s been a painter for the past seven years. The clouds were covering the mountain that afternoon, but it was looming invisibly behind us as we talked. I bought his art.

I will always support fellow Leaf fans.

Go Leafs Go!


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