Uhuru Park – Change of Pace

I went for a stroll through Uhuru Park this weekend. A site of many important events in Kenya. But I wasn’t on a history walk. I leisurely ambled along the paved pathways that wound through the grassed areas, where families, couples, and individuals took refuge in the shade of trees dotting the skyline. I was looking for my own tree to perch beside and read my book. But the more I walked, the less I felt like sitting, and besides, there really wasn’t a free tree.

So I walked.

A bouncy castle delighted children as their shrieks of laughter permeated the surrounding area. 

A man, animal balloons tucked snugly under his arm, was face painting a young girl into a flower.

Toy 4x4s, the perfect size vehicle for any six-year-old adventurer, explored the park with me.

Poorly steered paddle boats bumped the side of the pond, and two young kids (a sister with her younger brother perhaps?) took a photo of a couple, smiling and waving (their parents?), as they paddled past.

Everywhere I turned men pushed or pulled mini-freezers totting frozen treats to park goers, and all ages were licking the tops of cones before the sun could melt their ice creams. 

I meandered through the pathways and around the artificial lake and over bridges. As I was coming to my exit, I spotted a tree with no inhabitant luxuriating in its shade. Did anyone else see this? How was this possible? This was the only tree in the entire park where I did not see anyone sitting underneath. My book called softly from my bag, but I kept walking.

Uninhibited, undisturbed. A welcome respite from the break-neck pace I’m constantly trying to keep up with while in the Nairobi streets. This past Sunday, it was nice to just stroll.


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