In pictures: Week of August 16-22

Flight to Mombasa 

Mount Kilimanjaro at daybreak flying from Nairobi to Mombasa.


  Fort Jesus in Mombasa    

Fort Jesus is located along the coastline of the Indian Ocean. It was built in the 1593 by the Portuguese to guard the Old Port of Mombasa. The fort was won and lost as nations fought for control of Mombasa. It was used as an army barracks, and also as a prison under the British. The fort became a museum in 1962.


A guide explaining that Fort Jesus was built in the shape of a person, with buildings jutting out as legs, arms, and head.


As well as being a historical monument, the fort offers educational outreach programs.


Boys play soccer in the afternoon shadow of Fort Jesus.


A boy fishes in Old Mombasa on the shores of the Indian Ocean.



4 thoughts on “In pictures: Week of August 16-22

    • Hi Phil!
      My understanding is that “Jesus” in Arabic means “Isa.” An elder named Isa Bin Tarif was a powerful chief in the Persian Gulf region, and leader of an Arabian tribe called Al Bin Ali, who conqured the fort in 1837. From what I can gather, that’s when it got its current name. If anyone knows any differently please inform!

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