In pictures: Week of August 8 – 15

Call to prayer

Across the street from the AKF East Africa office is a mosque. Friday, August 13 was the first Friday of Ramadan. When the call to prayer began just after noon, the street in front of the mosque was blocked off, and traffic along the road stopped or rerouted, as people literally prayed in the streets.


The road running from the Nation Media building in front of the mosque was blocked for an hour.


People were inside the mosque, outside within the grounds, and then on the street infront, and the road and grass to the side.


Nation Media Group    

Inside the building: The Nation Media building in Nairobi is the nucleus of its five publications, two radio stations, and television network.


The highlight of my visit to Nairobi National Park - seeing a hippo (dangerous creatures that they are) so close!

Impalas are shy animals... this lovely soon sprang off as I clicked the photo.

Twigas (Kiswahili for giraffes) on the other hand, tend to know how to pose. Even the mtoto (child) is striking one!

Nairobi National Park is just 7km from the city centre! The park grounds border the city, as you can see the Nairobi city skyline in the background.

To view photos like these and more, click here.


One thought on “In pictures: Week of August 8 – 15

  1. Awesome photos. They make me think that though I may view God differently than these people do, they have a greater sense than I do of God’s constant presence in their lives. That is inspiring.

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